Welcome To The American Medical Health Alliance

American Medical Health Alliance (AMHA) was established help patients navigate the complex issues associated with obtaining medical care at non-participating, out-of-network providers.

Many of these providers require their patients to pay upfront for their medical care. AMHA will help patients evaluate every aspect of their medical stay, identify what aspects of their care are classified as billable components. After a detailed review of their complete medical stay, AMHA will assist in the preparation of those medical expenses for reimbursement. Upon submitting those medical expenses, AMHA’s knowledgable staff will navigate the claims through the various processing stages until a final determination is made.

AMHA and it’s advocates have over two-decades of experience in helping patients navigate through the complex structures associated with insurance processing. Our advocates are well aware that your time is precious. Therefore upon our initial conversation with you regarding your medical care, we will immediately send you our intake package which will include an introduction letter and our patient information form.

Please fill out the patient information form to the best of your ability and return it to our office so our staff can evaluate your insurance benefits FREE of cost. Although we can make no guarantee of coverage, we can get a better understanding as to what coverage you may or may not have. With this helpful information we can best instruct you in the best manner to proceed.

By utilizing AMHA and it’s services many of our clients clinics/doctors have benefited tremendously by their patients being able to afford to return for more medical care strictly based on a successful insurance reimbursement. AMHA’s only gets paid if it has successfully obtained an insurance reimbursement for a patient. If nothing is by paid by a patients insurance company, then AMHA is NOT compensated by that patient. There is no risk is utilizing AMHA and it’s services.

AMHA offers a Value-Added service to both clinics/doctors and their patients.